Systems Engineering

We provide a variety of systems engineering services. From systems architecture, to requirements drafting and compliance, to trade studies, to design verification plans we've got you covered. We have over 12 years experience in designing custom product, and we recognize that a good start makes all the difference in the overall success of the program. We also recognize that time spent designing the system up front pays dividends later on in the cycle. At his previous position, our CEO published an article on the importance of up-front design effort, and we embrace this philosophy at QED. This would be a good time to talk to us!

Design Services

QED offers world class design services. We provide electrical CAD support such as schematic capture and board layout using industry standard tools like Cadence Allegro and Orcad. We provide circuit and board level simulation using pspice and Hyperlynx. We offer FPGA development support for Microsemi / Actel devices as well as Xilinx devices.

Our staff have had very active careers developing product. Here's a sampling of what solutions our staff have developed, built and deployed in the past:

We have worked with low cost programmable devices from ARM M4 micro-controllers to ultra-high reliability Xilinx Virtex 5 QPRO FPGAs. We have deployed fault tolerant, reliable, and field upgrade-able solutions.

Prototyping Services

Specifically, rapid prototyping. The sooner you get the new product in the lab for the engineers to poke and prod, the sooner the product will be done. We have discovered that most product design flows don't allow for cost effective prototyping. That's where QED comes in. We can get printed circuit boards manufactured and populated in quantities of five to 10 in your lab without breaking the bank or taxing your development schedule. Why five to 10 units? These quantities are small enough to keep costs low, large enough to still qualify for quantity discount at parts suppliers and board manufacturers, and provide a good pool to get statistical sampling on the product.

Software Services

At QED, we realize that no hardware platform is complete without a matching software solution. Our staff have developed embedded and desktop applications to support embedded systems. We've developed user interface solutions for Linux, Windows and MacOS using Visual C++, Java, and LabView. We've also deployed custom embedded solutions built on Linux, Android OS, VxWorks, and/or QNX. We provide a variety of solutions from display widgets to device drivers and everything in between. We have expertise in multi-threading, network socket programming, and custom device driver development, as well as advanced algorithm development to meet your needs.

Our staff not only have advanced degrees in Engineering, but years of real-world experience implementing embedded PID controllers, more exotic Fuzzy and Neural algorithms, and OpenCV based computer vision applications. We're also not afraid of rolling up our sleeves and developing a board support package (BSP) for your unique application. We know how to twiddle JTAG lines, and assembly is our middle name (well, figuratively at least).