Signal Integrity Simulator

Signal Integrity Simulator Screenshot


We developed this tool to help with our high speed design. It gives us a good idea on the sensitivity of the different line parameters, and lets us estimate a good baseline value for the parameters. This tool will estimate what the output eye diagram will look like given an excitation, and line/circuit element values. This code is built on a lumped element solver we developed. It's been checked in the lab, and works great up to 5 Gbps and as low as 100 kbps links on both PCBs and cable harnesses.



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Things to try

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  1. Click "Start Simulation."
  2. Change the line capacitance to 2 nF, and click "Start Simulation."
  3. Change the resistance to 0.1 Ohms, or 100 mOhms and click "Start Simulation."

Limitations / Requirements

  1. This tool is provided as is.
  2. This tool requires the Java Plug-in to run. You can get it here. After installation, you will need to reload this page and allow the plugin to run.


    We've learned that, for security reasons, the latest Java Runtime is required: Version 7 Update 13.

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  4. Current version of the code: Web Rev 4
  5. We always want to improve our product. If you find a bug, or have a feature request, please email our software team. Thank you!
  6. Bit periods greater than 200 ns start running into web/server memory limitations.